EarToner is ear training software to help you learn to identify various musical sounds such as intervals, chords, scales and whether two notes are in tune with each other. It is designed to be easy to use and quick to setup. I originally wrote a rough version for myself just for identifying intervals. When I mentioned it to other musical friends they were very interested in using it also. I thought I would just formalize it a little more and release it for free on the internet to whoever wants to use it. Here are some screenshots if it running on a windows machine.

What Platforms/Operating Systems Does It Run On?

For my day gig I do web app development and the lingua franca these days seems to be java. I have done other commercial software that I wanted to be able to run on as many platforms as possible and found java to be suitable. This translates into this program running on Microsoft Windows, Apple's OS X, and Linux (assuming you're using X for Linux). It most likely runs on other platforms that have a Java Runtime, but I haven't tried it.

Current Status

Currently EarToner does intervals, chords, scales and tuning. The current version of the software is 1.2 and is stable. 2.0 will have customization features such as the ability to add your own chords, or sets of melodies (intervals) and you will be able to get as wigged out as you like on scales.

Roadmap (no timeline)

There are currently four main modules intervals, chords, scales and tuning. Let me go through each of these as well as general things:

  1. General
  2. Intervals
  3. Chords
  4. Scales
  5. Tuning

Downloading EarToner

There are for the 1.2 release no installers. I built a simple exe file for windows and on all other platforms the jar file should just work by double-clicking on it. It should also preserve all of your settings from version 1.0. You can get the files here:

Why Doesn't It Do [some feature]?

I'm sure there are lots of features that lots of people can come up with to make this program better. I think that is great. Please contact me via the forums so I can know what things are wanted.

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